Lev Cinemas

Lev and heart films were established in 1982, in order to give a home in Tel Aviv to the best films from all over the world. The film’s founders, producer Izzo and his wife, Nurit Shani, say: “From the start we believed that the Israeli audience was a high-quality, interested audience that loved a variety of films, not just the Hollywood cinema that flooded the world. Culture. “

Today, nearly four decades later, the network is already a national network run by Guy Shani, the son of Nurit and Eizo, and is still committed to bringing original, quality and refreshing content of films to the public in Israel, with a personal and artistic statement made by the best filmmakers in Israel And the world.

In recent years, Lev chain has distributed a wide variety of films from all over the world – funny, exciting and extraordinary. Those who stay with you for life, and those who make you spend two hours fun. Among these are most Oscar winners of the last few years (Moonlight, 12 Years of Slavery, The Pain Charger, The Riddle of Mumbai, King’s Speech, etc.) and the Grand Prize winners of the Cannes Film Festival and other film festivals The world’s most important filmmakers, the new films by the best filmmakers in the world, directors who are already considered members of the Lev network (Pedro Almodovar, Woody Allen, Parhadi), funny and heartwarming hits from all over the world (” (“Paddington”, “The Little Prince”), the best Israeli films of all generations (“Zero in Human Relations”, “Get”, “Not Here, Not There” ), and many more.

Lev Studios consider themselves committed to the audience not only in choosing the films screened, but also with respect to viewers – from maintaining high quality of viewing and sound, through a commitment not to broadcast more than five minutes of commercials before the film begins. In the same spirit, Lev’s subscribers’ club was established, with about 60,000 active members, who enjoy special ticket prices, exclusive funds and monthly benefits.

Today, the company distributes about 30 films a year, which are screened in nine branches around the country, Lev Lev Tel Aviv, Dizengoff Center, Lev Smadar in Jerusalem, Lev Ramat Gan, Lev Daniel in Herzliya, Lev Mandarin in Ramat Aviv, Lev Even Yehuda, Lev Amor, Lev Shoham and Lev Raanana.

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